A small school with large purpose, the SCC’s mission is to encourage children’s social, emotional, cognitive, artistic, and physical development. The goal is to help children learn positive ways to interact with the world through independence, self-regulation, problem solving skills, and appropriate social interaction.

At SCC, a child’s natural curiosity is acknowledged and fostered. Critical thinking is enhanced and developed through a variety of experiences. Children learn to live fully, joyfully, and ultimately become inspired with a natural inquisitiveness about their world.

We make use of the valuable teaching opportunities and discoveries of nature and animals, some very unexpected! Our classrooms are both indoors and outdoors, allowing children to explore, play and apply early perceptions in math, engineering, science, art, ecology, and social skills. Children learn to respect the world and people around them. We utilize every opportunity to nurture positive interactions and individual strengths in our children.

The Silverado Children’s Center is governed by the Silverado Modjeska Recreation and Parks District (SMRPD). The Board is comprised of five elected Directors. SMRPD also manages the two canyon parks and the community centers. They provide and support local community events, classes, clubs, and recreational programs

Our Mission

The Silverado Children’s Center is a licensed child care facility which prepares children to be creative, adventurous, work collaboratively with others, and to connect with the natural environment. We ensure that our students develop skills in the areas of independence, team-working, problem solving, and school-readiness. We strive to lead other area preschools in the areas of connecting children to their natural environment, learning by doing, and teaching both independence and collaborative work.

Our Vision

The Silverado Children Center is dedicated to providing environmentally centered child-care, focused on each child's individual needs and learning/developmental style. We are dedicated to hands-on learning by working in an outdoor environment with plants and animals, while integrating teamwork and adventure. Our educational environment allows children to learn by doing, develop a connection to nature, and work collaboratively with others. We inspire students to explore, want to learn, care for living things, and be a part of a team.

Our Philosophy

The Silverado Children’s Center uses an Emergent Curriculum approach. Emergent Curriculum is a form of curriculum design that is based on the interests of the students and the teacher. The students' interests are what leads lesson design. When a teacher perceives a “spark” of interest from a student or students, the teacher brainstorms with the student or students to expand on the interest and develop curricula around it.